MDMP was first created in 1989 as Preston Productions Inc., to satisfy my creative ambitions as a filmmaker and songwriter. It began with a 16mm film camera, an SBA business loan and a handful of loyal clients. I was fortunate early on to discover that my passions could become a career.

During those early days I quickly learned that talent was not enough to develop and sustain a small business. The lessons learned from the entrepreneurs and clients that my fledgling company served back then proved invaluable. Because of that, I’m proud to say that the little tv production company I created back in 1989 still stands today.

We use the latest filmmaking tools, technology and techniques to tell your story. My team of associates and I have produced countless of hours of content over the years, including local, regional and national tv commercials, corporate video, documentary films, branded content and more. We work with a broad range of clientele and industries, including entertainment, education, technology, legal, financial, automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, real estate and retail.

Today, more than thirty years after staring the company, I still love this business, and firmly believe our best work still lies ahead. I’m eternally grateful to the clients, colleagues and my family for their support over the years. I look forward to telling new stories, and establishing new and enduring relationships in the years to come.

Stanley Preston
Founder, Producer, & Director